Just want to thank you for your wonderful Funnix Reading program.  We have used it now with all three of our children, with remarkable success.  What I found amazing is how the program can be used with children of all abilities.  Our eldest daughter, now 8, worked through Funnix 1 & 2 in kindergarten, and remains a strong and passionate reader. Our three year-old son, a precocious learner, is on lesson 118 and will start Funnix 2 soon.  And our six year-old daughter, who has learning disabilities resulting from a genetic disorder called Prader Willi Syndrome,  is now on lesson 30 of Funnix 1.  (Her Special Ed teachers are astonished at her progress).

We recommend your program to all of our friends.

Andrew Harman & Liyang Zhou
Portola Valley, CA
November 2013


I just wanted to write and say thank you for this wonderful program. My son is starting first grade this fall and we are on lesson 74 of Funnix 2. He is reading up a storm and I couldn't be happier! I just started my 5 year old on the program and he's so excited because he see's his older brother reading everything and he wants to join in! Thank you for making this program so affordable and easy to use!

Dee Dean
August 2012


Funnix is the reason my son will enter his Kindy year of homeschooling already reading!

We are on lesson 33 at the moment and will continue with Funnix 3 days a week until the end! (He does Reading Eggs for a fun change of pace the other 2 days.)

It is highly appropriate and effective. It isn't a "fun game" but I sit with him and make sure he listens and participates. At first he looked at the "big too long too hard" worksheets with fear and trembling. Now he looks at them in confidence and it is all I can do to hold him back a tiny bit to do it with the program!

Thank you Funnix! You have made teaching reading very very easy. I can't wait to start with my daughter when she is 4.5. :)

Tracy Turissini
Springfield, Virginia
April 2012


I started my new job in January at an inner-city Sydney K- 6 school. Only 130 students but very significant academic and behavioural issues. As the Learning Support teacher I run 40 minute sessions throughout the day and have been using various levels of Funnix on an interactive white board for the K, Yr 1, 2, 3 and 4 groups. It has been FANTASTIC!!! The students are highly motivated and making excellent progress that has transferred to the general class setting according to the homeroom teachers. I'm looking forward to doing the standardised testing next month to measure gains. I bought some extra discs to put on laptops for pre-teaching or firming up. The 'toaster' game has been a big hit for those who need it. A HUGE thank you to the Funnix people for providing it as a free/cheap resource.

October 2011


I have homeschooled for 8 years, and have taught 4 of my children to read. I wish I'd had this program from the beginning! I always got stuck on how to teach vowel blends, but this program starts teaching them right away in an understandable way. My son, age 6, who was very frustrated trying to learn to read, has blossomed handsomely with this program.

It's fun, but not cartoony. Not flashy, but very nicely done. My son looks forward to his "computer" class, and it's a relief to me to have someone else teach him this way.

I just saw that you have a math program coming out - super!!

Thank you!

Sarah G
Altavista, VA
May 2011


I started looking at Direct Instruction programs after I read "Super Crunchers". It's the first I had heard of Direct Instruction, and I wanted to learn more, so I did a lot of research.

At the time, my 5-year old son was in kindergarten. He had been assessed as "gifted" when he was younger, but it was clear that he wasn't going to get reading anytime soon. And I feared that he would be diagnosed with "dyslexia" or some other malady. So we hit the books in November of kindergarten.

I tried Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, but it just didn't click for us. I'm a stay-at-home dad and I hadn't taught anything before, and it was clear that it would be a battle. And I didn't like the orthography because he was also going to school, and I was afraid it would confuse him (although it probably wouldn't have).

Then I found Funnix. It was much, much better. I didn't have to learn pacing and pronunciation. And the stories were very fun.
My son couldn't read the first passage, but he knew his letters quite well, so we started on the accelerated track. And . . . .it worked!

I set an accelerated schedule, and eventually skipped the workbook work as I assumed he would learn to write at his school. And I wanted him to get to the point where he liked to read on his own.

We finished Funnix Beginning Reading in record time because of these shortcuts. But then I realized we weren't ready for Funnix 2 because he wasn't fluent enough. So we went back and did some fluency exercises with the words in Funnix Beginning Reading. Eventually, it was clear that he was ready for Funnix 2, and we've been doing it ever since (he's on lesson 76).

He is now a rock solid decoder (he can decode multisyllabic words he has seen before), and has measured reading speeds from 90-130 WPM on the Funnix 2 passages. I have purchased Reading Mastery III and I'm sure he's ready for it, but he said that he just loves the stories in Funnix 2, and wants to finish it.

So, to summarize, I like Funnix because it was easier for me to do, the stories are a ton of fun, and it has made my son a terrific reader.
I have learned a lot about reading instruction since this experience, and I'm a much better teacher now. But I would still pick Funnix over Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons because I don't have to work as hard and the stories are a TON of fun.
I recommended Funnix to a couple families and they are using it.

Joel Hylen
Denver, CO 2008


I used Funnix with my next-door-neighbor, a girl who was repeating first grade. It worked very well. She moved away after six months, but not before she jumped into the top reading group in her school.

Shepard Barbash
North Carolina



Our site, Vallivue School District in Caldwell, Idaho was fortunate to hear about Funnix from one of the Reading First consultants. Funnix has been a perfect intervention tool with the reading series Journeys & Horizons. Funnix allows the student to manipulate the same stories through computer technology. It is a very friendly program for teachers to use and learn. Students thrive on the fact the characters in the worksheets and stories are the very ones they read in their stories. It is a perfect fit for a child's second dose to skills and strategies.

Earnie Lewis, Principal


My seven year old son was barely reading the summer after 1st grade. I live in Eugene and a friend of mine, who is a reading specialist, tested our son and recommended FUNNIX. We were able to start on lesson 40 of Funnix 1 in August and by lesson 80 he was more than ready to accelerate. He is now on lesson 40 of FUNNIX 2 and tells me he loves to read. His second grade teacher cannot believe how far he has progressed in such a short period. He could not spell at all when we began the program and in the last two weeks he has received a 100% on both his spelling tests!

The best part is that he would have told you this summer that he is dumb and that he hates to read. His confidence is soaring, he loves to read and just told me that he didn't know what he was missing out on when he couldn't!

Thank you so much for providing a program that any parent can use and any child can succeed in!

Shauna Dyer
December 2006


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the Funnix program. Our son is considered highly functional autistic. He is six. Like many children in the spectrum he learns more by sight than by any other means. This program fulfills that need for him.But the great thing about this is that it is also teaching him to listen! The questions in each lesson require a response from him without any visual clues and he has really started to understand that. One of his weakest points is not being able to comprehend what is being asked of him. I truly believe this program is helping him in this area.

We have found this program naturally provides him with practice in word pronunciations, as well.

I am sure he would have eventually learned to read without this program, but the program has provided so much more than just phonics.In less than 20 lessons, he was expected to write some of the words he was learning by sounding them out. Not a problem!!

Thank you so much,


First of all, I must give you a huge THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for this reading program!

My story may be like many you've heard: a year ago, I was feeling so discouraged. I'd homeschooled for almost 2 years and nothing I had tried for my son as far a reading went worked. He was 9 then and really could not read.

I saw an email on a homeschoolers' email list about reading tutoring at UCCS (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs) and both of my children began the program.

I had no idea that the program being used was your program though, and it wasn't until this summer that I began to see that it WORKED! The children have continued the program with a private tutor all summer, but she was quitting, and I just couldn't find a replacement to continue the Horizons or Reading Mastery, so I began to think it was time I taught the children this program myself.

When I found out what the Horizons and Reading Mastery textbooks cost, I began researching alternatives.

I began doing research on exactly what the children were doing, and discovered FUNNIX! When I heard about FUNNIX 2 I jumped for joy! I tried the sample lessons and the kids loved it since it was so close to what they were doing with the tutors...

It is so much of an honor to write the authors of this wonderful program directly! I really do not believe anything else can work...

Best and THANK YOU.

JO ANN Schneider Farris
(someone you've made "Oh, so very happy!")


Dear sir/madam:

I ordered from the Philippines and my son and I are in Lesson 42. My son has autism and is already 12 years old. I have tried a lot of reading programs and softwares but so far, yours is the most effective.

Sheila de Torres


We got this for our son and it is the only way he has been able to learn to read. Today he wrote 2 sentences all by himself! We have tried EVERY other program but nothing has worked except this! Thank you so much for making this available...

Thank you,
Nanci Duncan


Dear Mr. Englemann,

My shy little girl beams when she reads. Now, she is better able to read math story problems and every aspect of her life has been enriched. I teach my daughter at home, with a great deal of outside resistance from family and others, as this is our first year. With our success, I intend to gently prove them wrong.

Lori De Vault


I just wanted to comment on your program of Funnix. I tried several reading programs with my son without success.. I can't tell you how proud Jacob was when he started reading all by himself... by lesson 48, he was reading "Little Bear" books and the old and improved "Dick and Jane" and he can't wait to pick up another book and just read, read, read.

Your program is such that it is not continual, monotonous, frustrating review of past learned things, it does a lovely job of reviewing and at the same time adding a new element so as to review in that lesson...only they don't realize it..
So..thank you, thank you, thank you..my son won't be walking down the isle not reading..!!

Blessings a ton,
Brooke Milligan

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