Assessment Booklet

An assessment booklet has been developed for Funnix Beginning Reading. It is used to assess the progress of children and make sure they have mastered the material presented. Every ten lessons a Mastery Test is administered. If children fail to meet criterion, remedies are provided so children can reach mastery before proceeding in the program.

Mastery Tests Overview

Mastery tests should be given after every ten lessons. The test lessons are consecutively numbered Test 1 through Test 12. The tests are designed to assess the performance of children on the most important skills that were taught in the preceding ten lessons. Each test has a scoring system and a standard for passing each part of the test. The goal of each test is not to evaluate the children’s ability to learn, but rather to make sure that children are prepared for the next ten lessons. The assumption is that if children fail the test, they have not mastered the skills they need to perform well on the next lessons. They must receive a remedy for their weak skills before they proceed in the program.

The first test consists of sequencing skills, oral blending of words and letter identification. Test 2 consists of letter identification, sound identification, reading words and writing words. Tests 3 consists of writing letters, writing words, letter identification, sounds, and reading words. Tests 4-10 consists of writing letters, writing words, sounds, reading words and passage reading. Test 11 consists of writing letters, writing words, letter identification, sounds, reading words and passage reading. Test 12 consists of writing letters, writing words, sounds, reading words and passage reading.

Test 1 is individually administered. Tests 2 through 12 have two sections—one that is group administered to all the children in the reading group, and one that is individually administered. The group-administered section of the tests involves writing words (spelling) and writing letters. This section takes less than 10 minutes. The group-administered section can be presented at times other than the reading period if time is short.

The individual checkouts take about 2-4 minutes per child. It is usually possible to present the entire test and to start on the remedies during a single period.

Mastery Test 8

The following example shows all of the components of Mastery Test 8. Those components are: the black line masters for the student material; the teacher presentation script; the Test 8 student performance Summary Sheet; the remedies for parts children fail.

The Summary Sheet contains information about the performance of 6 children. An explanation of how to determine which children fail specific parts and how to provide remedies for failed parts follow the display of the materials.

The summary sheet provides information on each child’s performance.  Let’s look at the child who did the poorest on the test, Carlos. For part 2, Carlos received a score of 8 points out of 16. The criterion is 12 points so the remedy for part 2 will need to be presented. For part 2, Carlos missed writing the words lean and rats. For the word lean, you would present lesson 70, exercise 10. For the word rats you would present lesson 71, exercise 10.

Carlos also did not meet criterion for parts 3-6. The same procedure is used for those parts. Below is the remedyfor lesson 8. After presenting remedies for the parts Carlos failed you would retest Carlos.

The function of the in-program tests is to give you information about whether children are prepared to proceed in the program. They are not well prepared if they fail any part of the test or struggle with the remedy. Poor performance on remedies indicates that children may not be placed appropriately in Funnix Beginning Reading. Children who struggle may need to be placed in an earlier lesson.  Carlos is a good example of a child who is probably inappropriately placed in the program.


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