If the questions below do not answer your technical problems contact and we will respond within 24 hours. No phone calls please for tech support during this giveaway. Please email if you need technical help.

When I install I am asked to "choose another location".
The download timed out and did not fully install. You will need to try again. Before trying again, delete the file that did not completely download.

Slow internet speeds can occur depending on your provider. Each download of the program (Funnix Beginning Reading Lessons 1-40, Lessons 41-120, Funnix 2 Lessons 1-100) should take an average of 5 to 10 minutes with a high speed internet connection, 15-20 minutes at the maximum. The transfer rate should be on a running at around 400 kb or above if running at a high speed. If the transfer rate is below 100 kb your connection is running extremely slow and it could take 1 hour or more to download. There is a good chance the computer will stall and the download will fail and you will have to try again.

If you are going through a wireless router connect directly to your dsl or cable modem. This process requires you to disable your wireless temporarily. Delete all of your cache, temp files, and cookies.

Try all the above before trying this solution. Try turning off any anti-virus software and/or firewall protections you may have. If you turn off any protections make sure and turn it back on after a successful download.

You can also try downloading with a different browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome) and/or restart your machine.

The printable files are not downloading.
Some of the printable files (Workbook, Reader, Teacher's Guide) are large pdf files and may take some time to fully download. You many be experiencing a blank screen and think the file is corrupt or just not there. Actually, it is there and needing more time to fully download. Depending on your computer and web provider it could take up to 10 minutes to fully download. After you have downloaded the pdfs remember to "save" the document to your computer or else you will have to download the document again.

I did not receive an email after I signed up for the free program.
You probably misspelled your email address on the form. Resign up again.

I received the email but it was blank.
Resign up for the program. Due to the heavy volume of traffic, people have been experiencing blank emails. They successfully received email after resigning up. You can use the same email address.

I cannot find where to sign up for the free giveaway.
Go to and in big blue letters is “Click here to sign up for your FREE program.” If you don’t see this message refresh your page. Your browser is holding on to the old page.

Will the program be deactivated at the end of the giveaway period?
The links will be disabled March 1, 2012 so you need to download, install and save pdfs during the giveaway period to take full advantage of the giveaway. There is no expiration on program once downloaded and installed on your computer.

The links appear to be broken or corrupted.
Try on a different browser. If that doesn't work contact us at and we will provide you a new link. We need to know the platform you are running the program on, Mac or PC.

Can you install onto an external hard drive, USB drive, burn to a cd/dvd or partition?
No. It needs to be installed on your primary drive or it will error out and not run.

Can I download onto more than one computer?
No. During the giveaway you are allowed one copy per serial number.


We STRONGLY recommend uninstalling the program before re-installing. By uninstalling you avoid potential technical problems.

To uninstall from a Mac click here. You will need to uninstall for each Funnix program on your computer.

For PC go to your start menu. On the right side of the menu should be a "Control Panel" option. Click on "Control Panel" option. A number of options should appear. Look for the option "Add/Remove Programs" and click on it. After clicking the computer is compiling all the programs on your computer. After the list of programs is compiled scroll down and find the Funnix Program (you may have more than one Funnix program installed). Click on the Funnix program and the computer will step you through the uninstall process. You will need to uninstall for each Funnix program on your computer.

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